The 2022 Honda Civic Si Makes More Power Than You Think


The 2022 Honda Civic Si Makes More Power Than You Think

Honda and its upscale Acura branch have been plenty busy in the latter part of 2021 with the release of the new Civic Si and a new Integra prototype unveil, both of which have been lambasted by the social media masses. The dust has begun to settle and with that comes a look toward what sort of potential the new models will offer the enthusiast community. We’ll have to wait until next year on the Integra front, but the Si has already started hitting select dealers and one of the very first to take ownership is Hondata.

Innovators in the Honda tuning space since 1999, Hondata is quick to take on new car challenges in order to offer its massive fan base various tuning solutions to realize more power and torque, and improve their driving experience. With the previous generation, the group was able to extract significant power first with their reflash options, followed by their user-friendly FlashPro system—a plug-and-play device that allows custom tailored tuning and carries a suite of off-the-shelf programs to maximize power with various bolt on upgrades.

Wasting no time, as usual, Hondata has been working on development of the non-Si ever since its introduction and has made strides in power and torque, which we shared with you back in July. Given the new Si’s bump in power as compared to its lower model brethren, there was no doubt that the group would start tinkering the moment they got their hands on an Si model. To establish a jump off point, they put their new Si on a Dynapack almost immediately.

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