The 10 Quickest (and 3 Slowest) New Cars Car And Driver Tested in 2021


The 10 Quickest (and 3 Slowest) New Cars Car And Driver Tested in 2021

Independent testing matters. This year, our testing team held manufacturer claims to the fire for nearly 200 different vehicles, and the field was wildly divergent. It included a 2785-pound Hyundai Elantra SEL (the lightest on the scales this year), a $4 million Pagani Huarya BC Roadster (the most expensive we’ve ever tested), a 1020-hp Tesla Model S Plaid, and a Kia Rio Hatchback that rode on 15-inch steel wheels with tires less than 7.5 inches wide. No matter how expensive, slow, or heavy, they each get the same objective testing treatment.

Our comprehensive testing puts every new vehicle under the same microscope. We weigh them, stomp repeatedly on their brakes, measure their highway fuel economy, and fill their cargo areas with real boxes, because no one leaves the grocery store with bags of fresh cubic feet.

Of course, we also launch them, running a full panoply of acceleration tests. Fun fact: Four of the cars tested this year made it into the top 10 quickest to 60 mph we’ve ever tested. In this roundup, however, we present this year’s 10 quickest to 60 mph—along with the three slowest. (Note: For this ranking, we used quarter-mile times as tiebreakers between vehicles that share the same 60-mph time.)

For the full list, check out this article by Car And Driver.

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