Tested: 2022 Ford Maverick 2.0T AWD Is Just Enough Truck


Tested: 2022 Ford Maverick 2.0T AWD Is Just Enough Truck

Despite ever-increasing advancements in pickup-truck refinement, the good ones are still defined by offering an appropriate amount of capability for the money. Relatively inexpensive fleet-oriented full-size trucks still exist at the low end of every pickup manufacturer’s lineup. However, the once-simple compact pickups that could fit most suburban garages and wallets have ballooned in size and equipment, pushing their prices toward $40,000. Buyers seeking an affordable small truck for Home Depot runs or towing a couple of Jet Skis had limited options until Ford introduced the Escape-based Maverick.

Think of the Maverick as a compact SUV with a 4.5-foot cargo box. Slotting below Ford’s mid-size Ranger, it starts at just $21,490 for the base XL model. It comes only as a crew cab and eschews the body-on-frame construction of most pickups for a unibody architecture, specifically a beefier version of Ford’s C2 platform, which underpinned the no-longer-available Focus, among others. The larger Honda Ridgeline employs a similar layout, earning it some scorn from traditionalists, but a unibody setup keeps curb weight in check and can provide better driving characteristics. It’s no coincidence that the Hyundai Santa Cruz, the Maverick’s equally fresh competitor, has a similar makeup.

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