Tesla Track Day! We Drive Flat Out in a Modded Model 3


Tesla Track Day! We Drive Flat Out in a Modded Model 3

For some, stock has never been enough. Decades of hot rodders, drifters, lowriders, track rats, and every niche in between have forged rich and enduring cultures centered around modifying automobiles. But as the inevitable era of electrification approaches, there are those who believe we’re facing an existential threat to the future of automotive enthusiasm itself.

We have to admit, we’re a bit spooked ourselves. But after a day of hitting apexes and traveling at triple-digit speeds behind the wheel of a track-prepped Tesla Model 3—the Unplugged Performance Ascension R—we’re feeling a lot better about what those who love to drive and tune their cars can expect as the EV revolution gradually takes hold.

We got our chance to hustle the Ascension R at California’s Buttonwillow Raceway during a Tesla Corsa track day organized by Unplugged Performance. Tesla Corsa is a Tesla-exclusive series that, according to Unplugged co-founder Ben Schaffer, “creates the lowest barrier of entry for anyone with a Tesla to experience their car on-track.”

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