Teased: Gordon Murray’s T.33 Super-GT Will Be A 60s-Inspired Beauty


Teased: Gordon Murray’s T.33 Super-GT Will Be A 60s-Inspired Beauty

A couple of weeks ago, Gordon Murray announced that his company, Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA), would be revealing another new supercar as a follow-up to the T.50 roadgoing supercar and the T.50s Niki Lauda track-only special. In this announcement, we learned that the new supercar would be called the T.33 and would be a grand tourer rather than an all-out performance car. That suggests comfort, composure, and class, and given the man’s obsession with details, this should be a masterpiece that will reignite comparisons with Woking’s cars, specifically the McLaren GT. But while the T.50 is designed with the idea that form should follow function, a new teaser suggests that the T.33 will be much more beautiful.

Murray explains what to expect: “33 is a car I’ve wanted to do for decades. It’s a distillation of all my favorite cars from the 1960s, but just taking the ethos, shapes, and balance, and proportions of my favorite ’60s cars, so absolutely, a return to beauty.” The 1960s is often hailed as the golden era of car design, and it’s an evaluation we’re inclined to agree with. Alfa Romeos, Aston Martins, Jaguars, Porsches, and even Fords of this era were all sensually shaped, blessed with curves in all the right places and a sense of class and elegance that has arguably never been eclipsed. Heck, even Toyota reached the pinnacle of car design in 1965 when it revealed the incomparable 2000GT.

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