Surprise! 4.0L V-8–Powered Audi S4 Sneaks by at SEMA


Surprise! 4.0L V-8–Powered Audi S4 Sneaks by at SEMA

As of late, it seems like the Super Street Network revolves solely around engine-swapped builds after our visit to this year’s SEMA return. Thrashing through the content to get stories out to you, we’ve covered a Judd V-10-powered Supra intended for Time Attack competition along with a Mercedes diesel-swapped E46 wagon turned drift taxi. And you know the swap list had to include the celebrated 2JZ, of which we found under the hood of a Nissan S14 as well as perhaps the wildest of the bunch: a Lamborghini Gallardo sporting a huge turbo atop its built Toyota transplant.

All of the above-mentioned builds have a wild appearance, and once you take a closer look it’s not a huge surprise to find they’ve been blessed with a cross-platform swap. This 2014 Audi S4 on the other hand is going to surprise most that encounter it. Sure, it’s got some graphics along the rear sides, which make sense being that it was employed to stand front and center and represent 034Motorsport in a shared space with partners Racingline Performance and EMPI during SEMA week. Remove those stickers and you’re left with a rather mild appearance and one that in no way clues you in to its twin turbo V-8 swap.

For the full story, check out this article from Motor Trend.

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