Standalone M Model ‘Definitely’ Happening, Says Former BMW M CEO


Standalone M Model ‘Definitely’ Happening, Says Former BMW M CEO

BMW isn’t shy talking specifics about its future portfolio. The company has already announced a number of upcoming performance models, like the M3 CS and the M4 CSL, as well as a few hybridized and full battery-electric vehicles to join the likes of the lovely iX crossover. But in a recent interview, ex-BMW M boss Markus Flasch revealed that the company is hard at work on an upcoming M flagship.

In an interview with the publication Auto Motor Und Sport, Flasch said that a new high-performance, standalone M model – in the spirit of the iconic M1 – will join the lineup in the near future. “Well, there will definitely be an independent M model again,” Flasch said flatly. But whether or not it will be a true sports car like the M1, or something different entirely, remains to be seen.

“Our brand core is still racing and high performance on the road,” Flasch said. “However, we also want to retain customers who are into expressive luxury. With the M8 and its derivatives, we have already succeeded in some cases, but there is a segment in which there is a lot going on and in which we are not yet represented. I can not say more about that.”

Spy photos and leaked details reveal that BMW is already hard at work on an M hybrid SUV, which will debut on November 29. Reports say that this SUV will be an “M flagship vehicle,” with upwards of 700 horsepower (522 kilowatts) on tap, with production slated to kick off at the company’s Spartanburg, South Carolina, facility sometime next year.

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