SSC Admits Its Tuatara Hypercar Never Went Above 300 MPH


SSC Admits Its Tuatara Hypercar Never Went Above 300 MPH

American hypercar company SSC shocked the world when it announced that its flagship Tuatara had achieved 331 mph, setting a world record with a two-way average peak speed of 316 mph. That catapulted the Tuatara into public consciousness, proving it could outrun even the mind-bending Bugatti Chiron. There’s just one catch: That 331-mph run never happened.

Suspicion mounted shortly after the announcement, as YouTuber Schmee150 called the record run video into question. He compared it to the Koenigsegg Agera RS’ record run on the same stretch of Nevada highway. Based on the spacing of the lines and features of the road, it was clear that the SSC wasn’t traveling a full 50 mph faster than the Agera. Engineering Explained followed up with another video, calculating that the SSC could have been traveling as slow as 225 mph in the video.

SSC rebuked the claims, saying that speed-tracking equipment company Dewetron had validated the record. Dewetron, blindsided by this, released a statement denying any involvement in the record. SSC had simply used equipment from Dewetron, but the company could not verify that it was used correctly and had no involvement in the record itself. SSC realized the only option was to make another attempt, during which it went 283 mph. Fast, but far south of its initial claim. If anything, it made the first number look even more fake. For the full story, check out this article from Road & Track.

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