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Spied BMW M2 Electric Is Or Isn’t A Test Mule For Something Else

Purists, look away.

Our spy photographers have caught the new BMW M2 on numerous occasions, but this car looks different than all the other prototypes. For starters, it uses the body of the outgoing model and appears to be strictly a two-seater, with the rear bench replaced by a roll cage. Other noticeable modifications include a vented hood and a trunk lid spoiler that sticks out more than it does on any other M2 version.

By far the most noticeable change compared to a regular M2 is the lack of an exhaust system. The traditional quad tips are completely gone, clearly suggesting this is a test mule for an electric vehicle. Another clue pointing towards the car’s EV nature might be found within the wheelbase as we’re noticing an extension of the underbody between the axles. Presumably, that’s where the battery pack is located. For the full story, check out this article from Motor 1.

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