Someone Put a Turbocharged LS3 in a Grand National


Someone Put a Turbocharged LS3 in a Grand National

In the 1980s, General Motors reinvented the muscle car with the instant classic turbocharged Buick Grand National. In the 2010s, they modernized off-the-shelf horsepower with the high output LS3 engine. While the number was impressive for the day the 235 horsepower Grand National is not fast by modern standards. The LS3 takes to forced induction particularly well. You can see where this is going.

This 1986 Grand National is equipped with an LS3 sourced from a 2010 Camaro. That engine, in turn, has been paired with a 76mm turbocharger. The engine was rated for 426 horsepower from the factory; a 2016 dyno test recorded the power output for this turbocharged unit at 569 horsepower. To cope with what is more than double the original car’s output, a six-speed Tremec TR6060 manual and a custom driveshaft help get that power to widened rear wheels.

The resulting car is certainly in the spirit of the original Grand National, but the final form is something else entirely. “Fast for its day” has been replaced with fast, outright. The stock appearance has been largely preserved, at least in the exterior and cabin, but the noises alone give away that this car is faster in a straight line than any car Buick has ever made, period. All of that comes with sacrifices, though; the owner indicates that all of the factory cruise control, air conditioning, and emergency brake do not work. For the full story, check out this article from Road & Track.

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