Someone Paid $245,000 For This Acura NSX


Someone Paid $245,000 For This Acura NSX

Back in July, someone paid $200,000 for a low-mileage but otherwise very ordinary Mk4 Supra. It seemed like that could have been the ceiling on stellar examples of modern classics new enough to be confused for excellent used cars, but that ceiling did not last long. Today, a 16,000-mile 2005 Acura NSX sold for a stunning $245,000.

Like the Supra, that is not actually a record sale price for an NSX. It is, however, far-and-away the largest sale in Bring A Trailer history for a non-collector’s NSX, beaten out only by the final numbered 1999 Alex Zanardi Edition that sold last September. Also like the Supra, this car has no particular celebrity ownership, movie history, or anything else that would make an otherwise ordinary mass produced car a collector’s item overnight. It is not a special-order non-targa or a low-number homologation special, either. Other than the rare color combination, this is simply an exceptional example of an exceptional car valued on that condition.

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