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Snow Tire Spinning At 385 MPH Will Stretch Your Imagination

Weird things happen when a tire goes over three times its rated speed.

When you see a janky Lada in a Garage 54 video, you know something interesting is going to happen. When you see two Ladas connected by a solid axle and a single tire spinning frantically in the middle, the crazy factor goes off the scale. This time around, however, it’s not the Ladas that receive the punishment. It’s the poor snow tire stuck in the middle.

Welcome to the strangest method of tire torture you’ll probably ever see. Yes, we have two Ladas for this experiment, and if they look familiar, it’s because they were recently welded together to create a bonkers widebody monstrosity. They’re obviously separated now, but by bolting a solid rear axle to, well, another solid rear axle, the gearing makes the differential input shaft spin considerably faster than the axle. So why not bolt a tire to it? But wait, there’s more. For the full story and this wild video, check out this article from Motor 1.

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