Skip Barber Sells Lime Rock Park to Investment Group


Skip Barber Sells Lime Rock Park to Investment Group

Lime Rock Park is an institution. Opened in 1957 during a boom for American road courses, the Connecticut track has long been a home for sports-car racing here in the Northeast. A lap is just a mile-and-a-half long, but it’s an eventful one, and it takes real skill to master. For the last 37 years, Skip Barber—he of eponymous racing-school fame—has owned the Lime Rock, but today, a new group of investors, Lime Rock Group, LLC, announced it has acquired the track.

Barber, who is 84, will remain a stakeholder in the track and is set to be part of a management committee. “The Group’s General Partners, Charles Mallory, Dicky Riegel and Bill Rueckert along with a group of private investors have assumed control of Lime Rock Park and are bringing outstanding new vision and vitality to Lime Rock’s operations and to our local and regional community,” Barber said in a statement. “They are the ideal stewards of the Park’s long and successful legacy. This is truly wonderful news for everyone involved with Lime Rock as we commence our 65th year of operations.” For the full story, check out this article from Road & Track.

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