Scientists Keep Goldfish Alive, Also Teach Them to Drive


Scientists Keep Goldfish Alive, Also Teach Them to Drive

Feeling slow, unproductive, and full of cheese your first week back to work after the holidays? So are we, which makes the following news bulletin hurt that much more: Scientists have taught goldfish how to drive fishbowl cars. The famously forgetful fish somehow were instructed on how to drive their vessels, absorbing that information like the exuberant helping of food that likely killed your childhood goldfish, and applied their learnings Fish and Furious style. What have you accomplished?

It’s worth distinguishing up front here between this goldfish mobility breakthrough and an earlier fishy vehicle effort that TechCrunch reminded everyone of this time around. In 2014, who we can only assume are these same scientists at Ben-Gurion University in Israel rigged up vehicles to respond to an onboard goldfish’s movements using cameras and software (see video below). The fish had no idea what was going on, no more so than if you rigged up cameras and software to track your own movements and translate them remotely to a vehicle you happened to be on. You’re not driving so much as being mimicked.

For the full story, check out this article from Motor Trend.

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