SARD’s Tuned Toyota GR 86 Looks Ready to Race in “Gran Turismo”


SARD’s Tuned Toyota GR 86 Looks Ready to Race in “Gran Turismo”

The Toyota GR 86 isn’t even on sale yet in the United States, yet we’re already seeing tuned and restyled versions coming from the usual suspects out of Japan. The latest one is a product of SARD, a tuner and racing outfit specializing in Toyota products. The company is probably most recognizable to Americans as the creator of some race versions of the Toyota Supra in various versions of the Gran Turismo series of PlayStation games. One part of SARD’s business even works on Toyota-powered powerboats. This GR 86, however, is a product of the company’s street tuning arm, and the result looks a bit like a baby Lexus LFA.

This resemblance comes mainly from the deep triangular elements under the sport coupe’s headlights, which replace a set of boomerang-shaped black elements that call this space home on the run-of-the-mill GR 86. A thick, bold panel with the SARD logo sweeps across the top of the front fender vent, while a chunky appliqué adds a wedge-y element forward of the rear wheels, giving a sense of additional body width without actually swelling the fenders (which appear to be otherwise stock, although we can’t be entirely sure since details on this build are limited). At the rear, aftermarket taillights and a new exhaust system with suitably big, bold tips complement a form-fitting carbon-fiber wing. For the full story, check out the full story from Motor Trend.

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