Roofnest Reveals Tough Aluminum Car-Top Tent, the Condor Overland


Roofnest Reveals Tough Aluminum Car-Top Tent, the Condor Overland

Roofnest’s Condor line of rooftop tents welcomes a third member to the fold: the Condor Overland. Priced above the $3295 Condor and $3495 Condor XL, the $3595 Condor Overland trades those model’s plastic panels for stronger aluminum pieces.

The Colorado-based company claims the Overland’s top shell and floor, which consist of 1.0-inch honeycomb aluminum, as well as its extruded aluminum side panels, allow the tent to better handle strikes from hail or rocks relative to the plastic panels of its cheaper siblings. You know, the sort of debris overlanders might encounter on their journeys—hence the reason this Condor model bears the Overland nameplate.

Despite its status as the priciest member of the Condor clan, the Overland is far from the biggest. That title goes to the appropriately named Condor XL, which is capable of sleeping up to three adults. Credit its overall length of 74.0 inches, or 14.0 inches longer than those of the Condor and Condor Overland, both of which can sleep up to two adults. At 165 pounds, the aluminum-bodied Condor Overland outweighs its Condor and Condor XL kin by 30 and five pounds, respectively.

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