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Porsche Will Reportedly Issue a Global Taycan Recall for Total Loss of Power

Porsche is planning to issue a worldwide recall on the Taycan EV over sudden loss of power, according to a report from Bloomberg published Thursday.

Bloomberg, citing unnamed sources “familiar with the matter,” claims the recall is intended to fix a software issue with the Taycan that can cause a sudden loss of power while driving. The report comes just over a month after a NHTSA investigation into the matter, initially prompted by a handful of complaints from owners who experienced the issue.

Though the Taycan is powered by a complex 800-volt battery architecture, the issue at hand is being attributed to the car’s conventional 12-volt battery, which powers auxiliary functions. The loss-of-power problem seems to be caused when the 12-volt battery loses charge, causing a total loss of driving power and leaving the car immobile. A filing published by NHTSA in May describes the loss of power happening without any warning or error signals, and claims that in some cases, the car would not restart after the incident occurred. For the full story, check out this article from Road & Track.

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