Porsche Sonderwunsch: Your Source for Factory Quality One-Offs and Restorations


Porsche Sonderwunsch: Your Source for Factory Quality One-Offs and Restorations

You may be familiar with Porsche’s Exclusive Manufaktur personalization program, or its Classic setup that provides parts and restoration support to classic Porsche models. Meet the zenith of these two services: Porsche Sonderwunsch. If you’re thinking that sounds like the word “sandwich” in German, rest easy—”sandwich” is the same in German as it is in English. “Sonderwunsch,” on the other hand, translates from German as “special request,” and applied here is shorthand for a new one-off custom car and total refurbishment service being launched to cater to Porsche’s most discerning customers.

Want Porsche to build you a complete one-off sports car? Done; Porsche calls that branch of the program Factory One-Off. Need your classic Porsche brought up to date and freshened? Also done. Feel like combining the engine from a modern 911 with your classic 911? The Sonderwunsch program is all ears. We’re told the only two limitations on what the new program can pull off are that Porsche won’t touch a limited-production model, nor will it copy parts or design from another brand.

Beyond those two no-nos, Porsche Sonderwunsch will hear you out. That part, of course, costs money and is surprisingly involved. Consultations on potential projects can last over one year, we’re told, and include feasibility tests such as whether a chosen interior material works with onboard safety equipment (such as airbags, which punch through special perforations in leather, plastics, and the like) and whether certain engine swaps are physically workable. For these reasons, the exploratory phase for a Sonderwunsch project will cost 100,000 euros, or about $121,500 at current exchange rates. For the full story, check out this article from Motor Trend.

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