Porsche LMDh Race Car Will Have Twin-Turbo V-8 Making Up to 697 HP


Porsche LMDh Race Car Will Have Twin-Turbo V-8 Making Up to 697 HP

Porsche is making its return to prototype racing next year, in search of more overall wins at Daytona, Sebring, Le Mans and elsewhere. For a little over a month now, the automaker has been teasing the new LMDh car in pictures and video, both to get fans excited and, perhaps, as a warning shot to its competitors. Today, the trickle continues: Porsche has confirmed its LMDh car will use a V-8.



Naturally, Porsche is being selective in what information it reveals. It describes the V-8 as a “large-capacity twin-turbo V-8 unit” powered by some sort of renewable fuel and outputting between 644 and 697 hp depending on Balance of Performance. This V-8 is based on the twin-turbo 4.0-liter used in various Cayenne and Panamera models—plus other cars in the VW Group—though in a video posted from the Weissach test, the LMDh engine sounds quite different than a Cayenne Turbo’s. To our ears, it sounds like it has either a flat-plane crankshaft, or some sort of trick exhaust system that sends evenly spaced pulses to either tailpipe (a la BMW M’s long-running twin-turbo V-8).



Porsche notes in its press release that LMDh regulations “allow a great deal of freedom in terms of displacement, design and number of cylinders.” The automaker also said the regulations stipulate that the engine may rev no higher than 10,000 rpm, not exceed 110 db in fly-by noise testing, and weigh no less than 396.8 lbs. So it seems very much in the realm of possibility that Porsche has modified its road-car V-8 significantly for its LMDh car, maybe even increasing displacement, as the press release makes no specific mention of the engine’s size here.



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