Peek-a-Bugatti! What’s in the Belly of This Motorhome?


Peek-a-Bugatti! What’s in the Belly of This Motorhome?

The most impressive rig we’ve ever seen while camping happened to be docked right in front of us. The 70-foot spectacle consisted of a top-of-the-line diesel Newmar King Aire luxury motor coach towing a matching stacker trailer. Inside the stacker was an Audi and a Honda Gold Wing motorcycle. You couldn’t help but stare and wonder what they thought of our entry-level setup.

When the congenial owner invited us inside to take a gander at the glorious interior, we couldn’t resist. From heated floors to multiple televisions and bathrooms, the thing was nicer and larger than many houses. And with a seven-figure price tag, it indeed was their home. They were full-time RVers—permanent travelers, professional friend-makers, and passionate learners.

Towing a trailer with a large RV, however, can be a cumbersome task. It’s hard to back up, difficult to maneuver in adverse weather or challenging roads, and prohibitive when it comes to finding a campground that’ll accommodate such a large setup. We learned all this from our new friends. Likewise, an RV with a rear-loading garage eliminates the trailer but can gobble up a lot of interior real estate.

Is there another way to carry your daily in-town car when RVing? There’s always flat towing—and we’ve seen our fair share of RVs flat towing Ford Super Dutys—but not everyone wants to do that.

Wuppertal, Germany-based Volkner Mobil has another solution in the form of a lower-level, side-load vehicle garage nestled between the front and rear axles. A vehicle platform replaces traditional storage compartments in the belly of the coach, completely concealing the fact that there’s a car on-board. It’s like when Clark Griswold (Chevy Chase) wedges the family wagon under the logging truck while changing lanes in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation—only on purpose. And the loading method is a tad different, of course. If you’ve seen this type of setup before, there’s a good chance it was a Volkner rig. For the full story, check out this article from Motor Trend.

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