Our 2019 Porsche Cayenne Earned Our Respect


Our 2019 Porsche Cayenne Earned Our Respect

Twenty years ago, this long-term review would likely be covering a Mercedes-Benz E-class or an Audi A6. Back then, that was how middle managers rewarded themselves. Porsche changed that with the introduction of the original Cayenne for 2003. Luxury-grade sport-utility vehicles, like our 2019 Porsche Cayenne, are what fill the country-club parking lot, because they can do all the three-box cars’ tasks and more. Tow up to 7716 pounds on Sunday, take three kids to school on Monday, transport sporting goods for a week’s worth of activities, and still catch the attention of valets on Friday night. The Cayenne fulfills all needs.

Ordering a Porsche can be fun, especially if you’re not using your own money. Most entry-level, 335-hp Cayennes go for about $80,000, so we set that as our price target. But starting at $66,950 meant we had to show restraint. In the interest of testing it over 40,000 miles of abuse, we added the newly available $3490 Porsche Surface Coated Brake system, which promises to reduce brake dust. The tungsten-carbide-coated rotors are larger and necessitate stepping up to a 20-inch wheel, bringing the brake option to $5210. Add Biscay Blue Metallic paint ($800), 14-way seats ($1900), heated front seats ($530), a trailer hitch ($660, which also requires a $75 wiring harness later picked up at the dealer), adaptive dampers ($2000), and the Sport Chrono package ($1130), and you have a $79,530 Cayenne that’s ready for action.

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