Next-Gen Toyota Land Cruiser Takes Shape In Unofficial Renderings


Next-Gen Toyota Land Cruiser Takes Shape In Unofficial Renderings

Expect the new SUV to launch in 2022.

Toyota’s effort to keep the next-generation Land Cruiser hidden from the public has failed. Spy shots have revealed the hulking SUV in all its glory, showing off a familiar-looking model that sports several styling tweaks over the current model. So far, the photos and video haven’t been of the highest quality, making the design details challenging to notice, but new renderings help put the new model into focus.

The unofficial renderings come from our friends at, and they show the new Land Cruiser keeping its boxy, off-road-oriented shape, though Toyota classes it up with some notable styling changes. The new one’s overall look is a bit more luxurious, sporting a sleek new front fascia with a U-shaped opening underneath framing the new face. The headlights are sleeker, too, with the fog lights moved to the lower bumper corners.

The renderings also show the Toyota with chunkier fenders accentuated by sharper body creases. The rear isn’t all that different from the current Land Cruiser. The rear taillights sport a new design, but the back is still very tall and very upright. The lower bumper sports a new design, moving the red markers underneath the valance. Along the side, there’s a more noticeable upward kink at the rear in the greenhouse, which we’ve seen appear on other makes and models. For the full story, check out this article from Motor 1.

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