Next-Gen Range Rover Sport Spied In Electric Form


Next-Gen Range Rover Sport Spied In Electric Form

Land Rover plans to introduce a half-dozen electric vehicles within the next five years, with the first such model launching in 2024. While the British brand’s announcement of its electrification plans failed to disclose the specific model it intends to debut its battery electric powertrain in, Land Rover seems likely to initially bring this tech to market in its next-generation Range Rover and Range Rover Sport models, the latter of which Motor Trend reader Michael Stumpf recently caught testing.

Clues indicating this camouflaged Range Rover Sport runs on battery-electric power include its lack of exhaust pipes, as well as its bulky, near-center-mounted underbody protection that surely safeguards the midsize luxury SUV‘s battery pack. Like its larger Range Rover stablemate, the redesigned Range Rover Sport is due to ride on Jaguar Land Rover’s MLA platform, which is compatible with both battery electric and internal combustion powertrains. In other words, the upcoming Range Rover and Range Rover Sport will continue to offer gas-swilling powertrain options for those not quite ready to make the leap to an EV.

Regardless of what powers these SUVs, expect both the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport to wear evolutionary designs relative to those of today’s models. As these images reveal, the third-generation Range Rover Sport will continue to look much like the bigger and boxier Range Rover, albeit with a more windswept roofline and slightly shorter stature. It also appears as though the Range Rover Sport will crib the retractable door handles from the Range Rover Velar to further emphasize its sportier styling. For the full story, check out this article from Motor Trend.

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