Next-Gen Audi RS3 Keeps Its 400-HP-Plus Five-Cylinder Engine


Next-Gen Audi RS3 Keeps Its 400-HP-Plus Five-Cylinder Engine

There’s good news and then there’s even better news. The first bit is that Audi, like many automotive manufacturers, has committed to a sustainable future. The expansion electrification of their lineup, with the all-electric E-Tron GT and Q4 E-Tron leading the way. The other piece of good news, the one we’re more excited about? Audi feels internal combustion engines aren’t going anywhere in the near future. To that end, Audi appeared to confirm a great engine for a fun car: A new-generation RS3 is coming and it will carry the brand’s iconic five-cylinder engine under its hood.

The news didn’t come in so much an out-and-out statement that these two things were coming as a hint from a photo in a recent release. In it, the new A3 family is pictured, with what appear to be the sporty RS models (both the sedan and the hatchback) parked in the foreground all camo’d up. (The decaf S3 hatchback and sedan have already broken cover, so the RS variants are the only new A3 models left to make their debut, hence why they’d be covered up.) There, plastered on the side of the camouflaged RS cars was a string of numbers that read “1-2-4-5-3.” It doesn’t take too much guessing or stretching of the imagination, if you’re an Audi fan, to figure out that those figures hint at the firing order of a five-cylinder engine. For the full story, check out this article from Motor Trend.

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