New NHRA Rules Make Racing 2014-and-Newer Muscle Cars Easier!


New NHRA Rules Make Racing 2014-and-Newer Muscle Cars Easier!

We love the classics but 2022 really is the golden age of muscle cars, at least in terms of performance. Think about it—you can go to a Chevy, Ford, or Mopar dealer and pick up a streetcar that can easily go 11s, and that’s not even a top-shelf model; those are capable of running 10s and even 9s nearly stock! Until now, though, running that fast meant you had to deal with a whole bucket of rules having to do with safety. Well, the NHRA, which was founded in 1951, just announced that they will allow 9.0 seconds/150 mph in the quarter-mile for 2014-and-newer cars with no cage or roll bar! Remember, those previous rules were for older cars that didn’t have the safety systems, such as airbags, of today’s factory muscle cars, and shoehorning a cage into a new Hellcat, ZL1, or Shelby is a non-starter for many owners who would otherwise love to hit the track. By modernizing their rules the NHRA is taking a huge step in keeping racing at the track and not on the street. Read on for the whole release from the NHRA with all the details of the rule changes.

New NHRA Rules For 2014AndNewer Street Legal Cars

“As part of the ongoing effort to keep pace with current trends in the high-performance automotive industry, NHRA has announced several enhancements to the Street Legal program. The program will allow a broader and more diverse range of vehicles for the participants and give recognition to their on-track performance.

Since its formation in 1951, the National Hot Rod Association has worked tirelessly to combat and eliminate the dangerous and illegal practice of street racing. To this day, that continues to be the primary mission for the association. One of the most effective tools in the fight against illegal street racing has been establishing Street Legal events, which are held regularly at NHRA member tracks across North America.”

The article from Motor Trend goes more in depth.