New Ford Bronco Owners Report Hardtop Quality Issues


New Ford Bronco Owners Report Hardtop Quality Issues

Back in March, Ford announced that the optional painted hardtop would not be available on 2021 model year Broncos. The delay meant that owners looking to get their hands on the first allocation of four-door Broncos would instead have to pick from either a gray molded-in-color (MIC) hardtop or a soft top with an optional hardtop prep kit. Two-door buyers do not have a soft top option, so all of those buyers are being pushed toward the MIC top. Unfortunately, cars being delivered with that top now have issues of their own.

These tops are produced by a contractor called Webasto. Their new Michigan plant, one designed specifically to produce tops for the Bronco, has been overwhelmed by the demands of Bronco production. The company is planning to greatly increase its production of hardtops, perhaps by opening a second facility in the Detroit metro area, but that would still not provide a serious solution until 2022. That is a major concern for the production and delivery of Broncos already changed to an MIC hardtop order earlier this year. All of this would mean that the Webasto-built tops would be a problem for Ford even if they were of consistently high quality.

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