Nelson Racing 427ci Small-Block Chevy Throws Down Hard on the Dyno


Nelson Racing 427ci Small-Block Chevy Throws Down Hard on the Dyno

This Big-Inch Small-Block Is All Show With A Whole Lot Of Go.

Yeah, we know how awesome LS—and the newer LT—engines are for swaps, but some people want to stick with earlier-gen power for their hot rod project. Why? Well, for some the sound is better, and for many others a dressed-up gen-one small-block just looks so much better. And for the most part, they’re right. No matter the reason, we have to give respect to anyone willing to put in the work to get strong power numbers from something other than one of GM’s latest wonder mills. Engine Masters‘ co-host and the guy in charge at Westech Performance, Steve Brule, knows we love a properly worked over small-block Chevy, so when this one rolled through the shop, he made sure to get us some info.

A good engine starts with a great builder, and this one was crafted together by one of the best: Tom Nelson of Nelson Racing Engines. Nelson is best known for his mega-power boosted LS and big-block mills, but he can put together wicked-cool naturally aspirated stuff, as well. This big-inch small-block was destined for a customer’s 1955 Chevy hot rod street car. The build started with a Dart block that was bored out and filled with a forged Callies stroker crank and matching rods along with a set of JE slugs. To keep the valvetrain happy with revving high, Nelson opted for a custom grind Comp solid roller cam with a set of Isky lifters. For the full story, check out this article from Motor Trend.

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