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My Mazda Rx-7 FD(s): Review

Well, I am back with another review/story, I have owned 2 FD Rx-7s so far and absolutely love them to death. The first one was a 93 Silverstone metallic, black interior, with a 5-speed manual. The car was purchased in black forest, Illinois and was completely stock with 37k miles on it. This was purchased my sophomore year of high school so I was only in it a few times having my dad drive me around until I got my license. The FD Rx-7 to me is a glorified go-kart and that’s what I love most, besides it being unique. The stock sequential twins strapped to the 13b allowed for endless fun that was compliant with the car. I knew what everything the car was doing and was able to do as I pleased with it. Having it rev to the moon and creating that unique pitch made it stand out, not to mention the timeless design made it appealing to everyone. I have gotten more questions in my Rx-7 then my M3 and other exotics I have driven. The Rx-7 was tons of fun, but sadly short-lived. The car overheated one day in 2015 and blew the coolant seals. One trip to IR Performance (Best Rotary Shop ever) and $11,000 down the drain the car was back on the road with reliability modifications done to ensure trouble-free driving in the future. After a year or 2, I decided to part ways with it as the car never felt the same to me, but I still loved it exponentially with only 41,000 miles on it. After selling the FD the summer of my sophomore year of college, I regretted it immediately. That car meant so much to me and was such a blast I was chasing that same feeling. I have driven tons of vehicles from exotics to classics and everything in between searching for that confident feeling and I have gotten close a few times but not like the FD. This year being apart of Garden State Motor Club, The Co-Workers I am with have dedicated track cars. I, however, do not and taking the M3 to the track is a bit unsettling as I cannot be insured yet due to being too young. I knew an Rx-7 would be perfect as I know it the best and it puts me back in the car I have missed for so long. I found a Single Turbo R1 that was previously a track car converted back to a streetcar in Massachusetts with only 55k miles and a rebuilt 13b with 2k miles. I knew it had to be mine and a few phone calls and road trips later it’s in my driveway. FINALLY, the car I have missed is back, After driving it a few times and knew of some minor things that had to be addressed I brought it back to IR Performance. I went in for general maintenance and to schedule a Re-Tune as it is currently running on 110 race gas. As I eagerly waited to get my pride and joy back only to get the phone no one wants, Turns out the compression is shot and the car was not put together correctly and basically the whole car needs to be redone. So I had weather stripping put in and a few weeks later picked her up and drove her back to my garage where she now sits. It hurts to see it sit, but I want to do this right so, for now, the FD is on the back burner until I come up with $27,000 or a Sponsor comes my way (If you are reading this, please reach out haha). I have entered the rotary world just as I left it so just have to roll with it and it will be back better than ever. If selling my original Rx-7 to soon acquire another doesn’t say much go drive one and you will understand, it will forever be a top favorite of mine and if you have the chance to buy one just do it…you will not regret it. The featured image is my current 93 Rx-7 R1.

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