Multiple New Chrysler Vehicles on the Way as Brand Goes EV


Multiple New Chrysler Vehicles on the Way as Brand Goes EV

Not only is Chrysler not going away, but the brand is finally getting its long-sought renaissance. Reborn as Stellantis’ high-tech brand, Chrysler is getting several new vehicles as a necessary part of its move to an all-electric lineup by 2028. Speaking to MotorTrend from the 2022 CES show, brand CEO Chris Feuell outlined several new products coming in the next six years that will help Chrysler transition from being the minivan company to a forward-thinking EV automaker.

While the Chrysler Airflow Concept unveiled at CES looks nearly ready to hit the road, the simple fact is Stellantis is behind the industry in EV development. As such, it’ll be two more years before the first all-new Chrysler hits the road, but when it does, it’ll borrow a lot of the Airflow Concept’s styling and technology.

The Airflow Concept itself will not go into production, and Feuell wasn’t ready to commit to using the Airflow name, either. Serious auto history buffs will recognize it from the technologically cutting-edge car of the 1930s which was ultimately a sales flop, but the average consumer should have no such negative connotation.

For the full story, check out this article from Motor Trend.

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