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Morand Cars Developing First-Ever Hybrid Hypercar From Switzerland

If all goes according to plan, it should enter production in 2023.

Once upon a time, if you wanted a wild supercar your choices were limited and usually sourced from Italy. These days the opposite holds true, as niche companies are emerging from the shadows on almost a weekly basis with fantastic renderings and jaw-dropping stats to grab the attention – and pre-order cash – of buyers. Most ideas die as unrealized vaporware, but Swiss-based Morand Cars hopes to defy the odds with its hybrid hypercar.

Billed as the first hypercar to come from Switzerland, Morand Cars is working with another Swiss-based company called Bcomp, which specializes in composites and sustainable materials. The idea is to build a rigid hypercar that is lightweight and environmentally friendly, utilizing “natural fiber composites” for the body and the interior. Apparently, Bcomp worked with a Formula 1 team to create a natural fiber composite racing seat. Meanwhile, the executive staff at Morand Cars have racing and engineering experience, so there is some automotive know-how at work behind the scenes. For the full story, check out this article from Motor 1.

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