Mopar E-Body Muscle Cars From Moparty 2021


Mopar E-Body Muscle Cars From Moparty 2021

Among Mopar muscle cars—and indeed all domestic muscle cars—the Chrysler E-Body is unique among vehicle platforms from the muscle car era. It was the final missile salvo released from the high-octane space-age “go-fever!” era of the 1960s, after which Detroit unofficially closed up shop on the burgeoning performance business. The Mopar E-Body platform was Chrysler’s answer to the Ford Mustang and the ponycar market that began in 1964, but by the time the Plymouth Barracuda and Dodge Challenger arrived on the scene for 1970, the ponycar had migrated upscale, and Chrysler was there with the E-Body to show the world the true potential of a more luxurious, more powerful ponycar market segment.

While many automotive historians wax eloquently about the muscle car era and the early contributions that Ford (with the Mustang) and GM (Pontiac’s GTO) made toward affordable performance in the 1960s, the contribution that Chrysler made with the Plymouth Barracuda and the Dodge Challenger E-Body is arguably the appropriate bookend to the first generation of the ponycar and the performance decade of the 1960s. With both variants of the E-Body appearing at the close of the 1960s with the 1970 model year, the Plymouth ‘Cuda and Dodge Challenger E-Body muscle cars were the most mature muscle car products offered to date.

Chrysler, which was known at the onset of the 1960s for its exceptional engineering, robust unibody construction, high horsepower output, and beefcake powertrains, lacked only a modern hook to bring in a new generation of young customers known as “baby boomers.” For 1970, the Mopar E-Body would give Chrysler the final missing piece of the puzzle with a breathtaking pair of body designs built on the E-Body platform, along with a palette of amazing high-impact colors to grab eyeballs and turn heads. The 108-inch-wheelbase Plymouth Barracuda and the upscale 110-inch-wheelbase Dodge Challenger debuted in 1970 to critical acclaim and sales were brisk.

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