Monza Is Racing’s Perfect Amphitheater


Monza Is Racing’s Perfect Amphitheater

Monza’s record as one of Formula 1’s greatest and most important venues is unquestioned. Italy’s home of grand prix racing is responsible for the closest-ever finish, the fastest-ever race, and the fastest-ever qualifying lap in F1 history, among other feats. But it has another great distinguishing feature, one that sets it apart not just from all F1 tracks but from all other racing tracks in the world: Thanks to its unique combination of long straights, hard braking zones, high-speed corners, and walls of trees on either side of the track, Monza’s perfect acoustics make it the world capitol of trackside fly-by videos.

Take this 2013 video of a 917k, for instance. The video shoots from a few different points on the track, where each separately shows off a range of sounds. On the main straight, the flat-12 sounds like fury at its full power. In hard braking zones, the aggressive burbling downshifts are amplified by grandstands backed by trees. At the exit of the Parabolica, the car screams back toward its full speed while showing off otherworldly cornering speeds.

The effect is not just for beloved vintage racers, either. Audi’s diesel R18s were known for a unique lack of sound that got washed away by more traditional prototypes using more visceral engines. Separated away from that in a famous testing video, the 2016-spec R18 E-Tron Quattro can be appreciated for its unique mixture of subtle diesel rumbles, futuristic electronic whirring, and braking and cornering noises that would be overpowered by a louder car at a traditional track. The striking visual of an R18 bypassing the modern opening chicane to take the Curva Grande flat out does not hurt, either. For the full story, check out this article from Road & Track.

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