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Mitsubishi Is Selling a Bunch of Heritage Collection Cars In a Once-in-a-Lifetime Auction

nyone waxing romantic about old Mitsubishis as of late has probably come to realize how much they sound like a Boomer. Back in my day, we didn’t have none of this Eclipse Cross nonsense; we had the real Eclipse! And real SUVs, like the Montero. And then there was the Evo, remember the Evo? God, we Millennials are already getting old. But entertain us for a moment, dear Zoomers, while we fawn over a pristine collection of classic Mitsubishis that’s heading to a once-in-a-lifetime auction, and maybe some of our enthusiasm might rub off on you. Maybe.

This collection will mark the inaugural consignment of Auto Auction, yet another new car auction site, but this one is repped by former racing driver and Top Gear host Tiff Needell. Volunteering to be seller number one is Mitsubishi Motors U.K., which is offering 14 of its own museum-grade cars spanning a period of 43 years, and almost its entire range of vehicles. There are dedicated sports cars like the Starion and 3000GT, rally cars, their road-legal homologation counterparts, plus rugged trucks and SUVs. For the full story, check out this article from The Drive.

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