Mercedes-AMG Project One First Look: AMG’s $2.7M Halo Hypercar


Mercedes-AMG Project One First Look: AMG’s $2.7M Halo Hypercar

The 1,000-plus horsepower machine spun from Formula One finally takes the stage.

For the last several yearsMercedes-AMG has been hard at work on a car that brings Formula 1 technology to the streets. It has endlessly teased us with little bits of information about the upcoming hypercar. After what feels like forever, though, we finally get our first look at the long-awaited $2.7 million Project One production car ahead of its debut at this month’s Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Initially a concept, it’s now production-ready. Although the design isn’t quite as out there as the Aston Martin Valkyrie, one look at that gaping front end and roof scoop lets you know the Project One will still be plenty wild. There are hints of the CLK GTR in the design, air intakes that recall current AMG cars like the E63, and a black shark fin that won’t let you forget the Project One’s racing heritage. Out back, a two-stage deployable wing, a massive two-piece diffuser, and a huge central exhaust complete the look.

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