Mercedes-AMG One Spied In Detail In New Photos


Mercedes-AMG One Spied In Detail In New Photos

The wait is almost over.

We heard the first rumor about the Mercedes-AMG One in August 2016, and the automaker confirmed it was working on the project a month later. The official announcement is now around 4.5 years old, and development continues. New spy shots reveal the latest stage of development.

The exterior of this one has a mostly camouflaged body, except for the exposed vents on top of the fenders and black trim. The styling is a mix of flowing shapes and motorsport-inspired elements. The front features a massive opening with radiators visible behind the various crosspieces.

The back end has a scoop over the roof for directing air to the engine back. A large fin runs down the tail to aid in high-speed stability. All of the images of this car show the active wing deployed. It has a complex design with a middle section that can move separately.

The tail has a massive diffuser. Above it, there’s an interesting exhaust layout with a large central outlet and two smaller ones flanking the lower portion. The taillights here appear to be placeholder parts because the ones in official teasers have a more unified look. For the full story, check out this article from Motor 1.

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