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Member Testimonials

GSMC started off by me attending a cruise before it was even a club, it was amazing how quickly it grew, every event you feel welcomed, doesn’t matter if you come in a super car or just your nice regular build. Everyone is always respectful and shows a lot of love at each event, also during the cars and coffee they offer food and drinks which a lot of people don’t do. The best part is the membership card.

Miguel Rosario

Over the years I have been in dozens of car clubs, but the best memories have come recent from joining GSMC. The cruises are well organized, the events/meets bring in a mature crowd and have a variety of cars. Most importantly the people in the club are like minded and mature. We love to talk about cars, and my favorite part has been going to the track together. I have been to 3 events in one year year with multiple GSMC members even when another club is organizing we show out strong! The car loft meets are also a great way to meet new people and network. Being a black card member is worth it too for the perks, especially the breakfast at events. Looking forward to a fun 2021 season!

Davaish Singh

GSMC has truly revolutionized the way that Car People connect! The team does an incredible job of providing a macro view of all of the car related events in the Tri State Area. They have also quickly assembled an amazing community of auto enthusiasts who routinely come together for great causes. Finally, they have constructed a tremendous sponsor network which afford GSMC members exclusive perks and discounts. I am proud to be a member and sponsor of the GSMC community!

Deepak H. Davé

I recently embraced my car love with my first "toy" - a 2021 Dodge Challenger Scat Pack Shaker. I tested a few groups until I found GSMC. From the access to being around amazing cars to the knowledge shared in the group to the savings from our tons of partners, the membership is no question. But the best part is the welcoming feeling of this family. Your car, expertise, and top speed don't matter. Just be a good person who loves the car scene and you'll always be welcome here.

Jason Viglione

GSMC a collection of car nuts so varied that if it wasn’t for this car bond we may have never known each other. But this bond is so strong it makes us family. I’m honored to be part of this family.

Deomid Rapoport

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