Meet the 2JZ-powered Lamborghini Gallardo That Blew Minds at SEMA 2021


Meet the 2JZ-powered Lamborghini Gallardo That Blew Minds at SEMA 2021

Bryce Yeager, owner of Street Aero, has been hard at work building one of the most controversial builds you’re likely to come across in the halls of SEMA 2021. The wild look and even wilder engine choice were sure to delight as many people as it pissed off. Was Yeager trolling, or simply flexing his brand’s ability to put something together to steal the spotlight from the largest automotive annual event in Vegas? You decide.

If you don’t know Yeager by name, you know the viral video clip he put out that floated through every automotive-based Instagram page for months, which featured a woman doing a backflip on top of a 350Z and smashing right through the rear window. Since then, there’s been less flips and more building, specifically this 2005 Lamborghini Gallardo that Yeager picked up early last year. We’re sure it wasn’t cheap, but certainly less costly than a running, driving one. You see this one had no engine and the interior had been badly burned. It proved to be the perfect starting point as Yeager planned to swap the engine and build out the interior his way, and he would’ve removed the factory versions anyway.

So, you get where this is going. The Gallardo would serve as the eye-catching vessel, but it’s the 2JZGTE engine swap that pleases some and offends others. In terms of elbow room, the Toyota 3.0-liter I-6 and its components fit just fine, though lengthwise, with the car’s native transmission attached it sat a bit too long. No worries; the car just needed to be chopped and stretched a few more inches. To be clear, the Lamborghini Gallardo was cut basically in half, and the frame lengthened to make more room for a Toyota engine to settle in. With everything installed, a custom rear diffuser and a series of planes make up the rear and no, a bumper was never in the cards.

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