Max Verstappen Penalized Post-Race for Brake Checking Move


Max Verstappen Penalized Post-Race for Brake Checking Move

Max Verstappen has been assessed a ten second post-race time penalty and two penalty points for his role in an in-race collision with race winner Lewis Hamilton during today’s inaugural Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. The penalty stacks with a previous five second time penalty for advancing his position by going off-track, the direct precursor to the incident leading to the larger second penalty. He was also moved to third on a restart for the same infraction earlier in the race, but was not officially penalized.

The incident, shown in the video above, occurred when Verstappen slowed on the back straight in an attempt to let Hamilton back past into the race lead and avoid the exact five second penalty Verstappen would later be assessed. He stayed in the middle of the narrow track, leaving unclear windows to the left and right and not visibly signaling that he was slowing intentionally. Hamilton, reportedly unaware of the decision by Verstappen to slow and let him by at this point, tried to lie back out of the way in confusion, only to finally attempt a move when Verstappen slowed even further and find himself tapping the Red Bull’s left-rear wheel. Hamilton suffered light damage to his front wing, but both cars were able to finish the race without incident.

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