Making Spare Parts and Never Saying Die: Ultimate Adventure 2021


Making Spare Parts and Never Saying Die: Ultimate Adventure 2021

Everybody starts somewhere, usually crawling before you walk and walking before you run. But when you skip several steps and go straight from crawling to running, your perception of what’s going on around you, no matter what the genre you’re talking about, can often be a shock to the system. Wanna go run a marathon? You don’t just hop off your couch and try to knock down 26 miles right away, do you? Personally speaking, I’d probably keel over dead after 4 miles. But to my friends who do IronMan races, the thought of only doing a “simple” marathon without the pesky swimming or biking portion seems like a laugh-a-minute way to spend a few afternoon hours. Masochists.

And it’s sort of the same thing in this crazy off-road hobby we’re all in at some level or another. I’ve been wheeling at a high level for about 30 years now, and I’ve reached a somewhat jaded stage where I feel like I’ve seen it all and done most of it. I appreciate things, but nothing really rocks me to my core anymore (pun intended). However,  I’m clear-minded enough to remember the very first time I pulled up to the entrance of a well-known hardcore rock trail in the passenger seat of my buddy’s rig and though to myself, “There’s no way we can seriously be going into THAT!” It seemed to defy logic that a vehicle would ever attempt to enter such a boulder-strewn field of rip rap and debris, but sure enough, we scooted up that trail, picking lines and climbing stuff that just a few seconds earlier I would’ve bet the farm against even being able to walk up on foot.

So it was with a light chuckle that I watched somebody who will remain nameless have a similar epiphany during our recent Ultimate Adventure event. It was Day 5 and we were having a blast wheeling the hardcore lines at Katemcy Rocks outside of Mason, Texas. We had wheeled all morning and (unusually for Ultimate Adventure) came back to camp for lunch. That’s when Fred Williams started walking through campsites asking if anybody had a spare shock bar pin to replace the factory TJ pin that had snapped on his little Cummins-powered Tube Sock TJ project.

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