LS-Swapped 1983 Cadillac Coupe DeVille Rocks the Highway


LS-Swapped 1983 Cadillac Coupe DeVille Rocks the Highway

Some cars prove that, with the right parts, anything can be made into a cool hot rod. Case in point is this 1983 cadillac coupe DeVille. An ’80s Coupe DeVille Caddy that’s cool? Well, yeah, but you need to have some imagination and a stack of killer parts, like Matt Graves of American Powertrain did with his pro-cruising, retro-luxury, LS-swapped Cadillac.

We know some of you (not as many as the vocal minority would have you think) are tired of the “LS Swap the World” deal, but there’s a reason it’s the number-one swap engine on planet Earth: simplicity. An LS engine practically installs itself into just about anything.

Now Graves could have gone low buck and shoved in a Vortec truck mill, but the idea of a 600-plus-hp 1983 cadillac coupe DeVille just seemed like a better idea. With that in mind, he chose a 427-inch World Products Warhawk LS crate engine built to run on 93-octane petrol. Topped and controlled by a Holley Terminator X multi-port EFI system, complete with a 1,000-cfm throttle body, the mill is as reliable as it is fast. Up front there’s a Holley mid-mount accessory drive system, and the big-inch 7L mill exhales through Hooker headers tied to a Hooker Blackheart GM A-body 3-inch exhaust, which was a direct fit on the B-body. Keeping it running cool is a Holley Frostbite radiator. For the full story, check out this article from Motor Trend.

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