Look at the 2022 Bronco Everglades’ Factory Installed Snorkel and Winch


Look at the 2022 Bronco Everglades’ Factory Installed Snorkel and Winch

On top of the 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor, the Everglades is another functional special package that Ford will offer its customers. However, instead of being made for high-speed desert running, the Everglades is designed to get you around the trails least traveled. Where roads might not be fully formed, deep water crossings that you must ford (no pun intended), and where you might need a little extra climbing help. The last two have been confirmed by Ford in a tweet saying that a snorkel and factory-installed winch on the Bronco Heavy-Duty Modular Bumper are coming.

The details were teased out on Bronco Nation with images of a camouflaged tester and showed more than just the snorkel and winch as part of the Everglades package. The tires have been upgraded to a set of LT315/70R17 Goodyear Territory MT, which should be good for a 35-inch tall tire and includes the spare. The wheels will also be unique to the Everglades package. A new set of flares that appear to be unique to the Everglades and molded-in-color (MIC) look wider and flatter than the standard flares.

The teaser also shows an installed roof rack on the MIC hard-top roof and the side mirror also appears to be MIC, just like the standard Bronco. They also mention that the tester is outfitted with the dealer-installed optional sliding tailgate, which mounts to the rear cargo area and slides out for a place to sit or set stuff. We’d say that is a great option to go for, considering the Bronco has a swing gate.

For the full story, check out this article from Motor Trend.

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