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Listen to the One-Off Bugatti Bolide’s Wild Straight-Piped 1850-HP W-16 Engine

The Bolide is the most extreme Bugatti ever built. A one-off project introduced in October 2020, it’s a lightweight track-only missile on wheels with an 1850-horsepower version of the company’s widely used quad-turbo W-16 engine. In person, it sounds absolutely maniacal.

The NM2255 YouTube channel got the chance to inspect the Bolide up close during this year’s Milano Monza Motor Show, giving us our first real-life look at the lightweight hypercar. The Bolide’s insane proportions and ultra-aggressive aero are even more pronounced when seen through the lens of a normal camera. And that wild X-shaped taillight configuration is just the coolest. For the full story and video, check out this article from Road & Track.

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