Listen To The 2024 Ford Mustang’s Coyote V8 Growl


Listen To The 2024 Ford Mustang’s Coyote V8 Growl

The 2024 S650 generation Mustang has been spotted.



Ford has been spotted testing the eagerly anticipated S650 Mustang, wearing some very heavy camouflage. With production reported to only kick off in March 2023, there’s still some time to wait before we get to see Dearborn’s muscle car. But there’s reason to celebrate – as you’ll hear in the video footage below, the upcoming Mustang will retain its iconic 5.0-liter V8.



While Mustang styling has, traditionally, been evolutionary rather than revolutionary, we’re still keen to see what changes Ford has made to its bodywork. In the clip, the heavily disguised Mustang’s headlights can be seen through the concealment. While it’s too early to tell at this point, they appear slimmer and more sculpted.



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