Lewis Hamilton Wins Qatar GP From Pole


Lewis Hamilton Wins Qatar GP From Pole

Lewis Hamilton knew the danger last weekend. If Max Verstappen won either of the last two races, his lead would grow to a point where Hamilton would need more help than all of the remaining wins this season to take his record-setting eighth championship in the season finale at Abu Dhabi. With the number in mind, he charged from tenth to the race win, bringing himself back into the clear title conversation in the season’s final month and dramatically improving his opportunity to win a championship. While Max Verstappen could not match the feat from seventh on the grid today, his own recovery drive keeps him in a strong position heading into the final month of the season.

While Hamilton started on pole after a blistering lap in qualifying yesterday, Verstappen was demoted from second to seventh pre-race after being assessed a penalty for violating double-yellow flag rules during his own Q3 lap. Hamilton got away into the lead on the start, but Verstappen got up to fourth. A few laps later, he was past Pierre Gasly and into third. By lap 6, he was past Fernando Alonso and chasing down Hamilton from second.

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