Lewis Hamilton Wins Brazilian GP From Tenth


Lewis Hamilton Wins Brazilian GP From Tenth

Lewis Hamilton’s weekend could have been over on Saturday morning. Despite qualifying 4/10ths ahead of the field on Friday, Hamilton’s time was disqualified after a part failure led to a DRS infraction during the session. He started last in the sprint qualifying race, then an engine penalty guaranteed he would start five spots behind where he finished that race. But Hamilton drove up to fifth in 24 laps, putting him a respectable tenth on today’s grid. Then, somehow, he won.

While his pole-sitting teammate Valtteri Bottas lost the lead to Max Verstappen on the start, Hamilton made up four spots on the opening lap. He was up to third-placed teammate Valtteri Bottas just a few laps later, then Bottas let him past just before a safety car. That left him to re-start immediately behind just the two Red Bulls, Sergio Perez and Max Verstappen. He caught Perez quickly, but a quick virtual safety car let Perez slow slightly and grow Verstappen’s lead. Perez knew the pass was inevitable, but he fought back from Hamilton’s first lunge and actually briefly retook second for a lap. Once Hamilton got past again, however, his defense was done.

That left the story that racing fans have come to expect from every grand prix in 2021: A head-to-head battle between Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen.

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