Lewis Hamilton Now Has 100 Formula 1 Poles


Lewis Hamilton Now Has 100 Formula 1 Poles

Lewis Hamilton is Formula 1’s greatest ever, in no small part due to a resume that now includes at least an equal share of every significant record in the series. He has 97 wins, eclipsing Michael Schumacher for the most all-time in Portugal last season. He has seven championships, tying Schumacher for the most all-time in Turkey last season. And, as of this morning, he has a startling 100 poles, a truly shocking 32 more than second-placed Schumacher in 38 fewer attempts.

The record may just be his signature achievement. When Hamilton earned his first pole, it caught him by surprise. He never seemed to consider himself a qualifying ace, but he scored six in his first season in the sport. In the years that have followed, he has never gone a season without qualifying first. In five of the past six seasons, he qualified on pole ten or more times. Hamilton has long since proven himself to be a truly spectacular qualifier, and his combined strength with Mercedes has been a winning combination in those sessions at a truly incredible pace. For the full story, check out this article from Road & Track.

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