Lawrence Stroll Is Selling Canada’s Historic Mont-Tremblant Racing Circuit


Lawrence Stroll Is Selling Canada’s Historic Mont-Tremblant Racing Circuit

Lawrence Stroll owns a Formula One Team and a world-famous car brand, both now Aston Martin. One of the billionaire’s more obscure motorsport interests, though, unless you’re invested in Canadian racing history, is that he’s also held the deeds for Circuit Mont-Tremblant, a small, historic track up in the Laurentian Mountains, since 2000. He’s looking to change that now, though, as Racer reports.

Stroll is a Canadian fashion magnate by trade but his interest in motorsport clearly predates his son Lance’s involvement in F1. Mont-Tremblant is a relativelyobscure circuit; built in 1964 and without a huge profile in international racing, it was passed around ownership from the late ’70s until the early ’90s when it finally went bankrupt and was left abandoned for years before Stroll decided to take it on.

Probably Stroll’s first motorsport purchase, he didn’t buy it to flip it. The track, which had basically fallen apart, got a complete overhaul to achieve an FIA listing in the two years after Stroll came in. Further improvements have seen it able to host more events, including widening the pit lane so that sports cars can race there, and a borderline rallycross-style launchpad called The Hump was smoothed off a bit to not throw cars through the air. All in all, the repairs were a success and brought the circuit back to life, with local and international racing able to return. For the full story, check out this article from The Drive.

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