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Lamborghini Says The Naturally Aspirated V12 Could Survive, But Only On Track

Lambo is not ruling out track-only specials with pure ICE twelve-cylinder power.

A lot has been written lately about Lamborghini and how it plans to hybridize all three model lineups by 2024 and add a fully electric car in the latter half of the decade. Taking into consideration the Ultimae is the very last V12 road-going vehicle from Sant’Agata Bolognese without hybrid assistance, it seems the writing is on the wall for the naturally aspirated twelve-cylinder engine. Or is it?

Well, there is hope for one-percenters looking for a pure ICE V12 experience from Lamborghini as the 6.5-liter unit without forced induction could get a new lease of life on a circuit. Since track-only vehicles don’t have to comply with emissions regulations, the fabled Italian brand has hinted more low-volume models akin to the Essenza SCV12 could follow.

When asked by Autocar about whether Lamborghini has plans for additional non-hybrid V12 machines, CEO Stephan Winkelmann didn’t rule out the possibility: “Let’s see what comes up. We do this once in a while. We have a lot on our plate so we have to be focused.” In a similar fashion, Aston Martin said earlier this year that it would abandon gas-only road cars by 2030, but track specials could still have a powertrain without a hybrid add-on. For the full story, check out this article from Motor 1.

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