Jenson Button Had a Wild Custom 1970 Bronco


Jenson Button Had a Wild Custom 1970 Bronco

2009 Formula 1 world champion Jenson Button has sold a few cars lately, but they’ve mostly been the sort of things you’d expect an F1 champion to own: A Carrera GT here, a McLaren P1 there. His latest listing, however, is not exactly what an F1 driver is usually seen in.

This 1970 Ford Bronco has been owned by Button for the past four years. In his ownership, it was restored and customized to its current resto-modded state as an open-air vintage cruiser.



The build is relatively simple, with the side windows removed and replaced by a half-roll cage and a simple top. It makes for a great truck to drive around an arid and dry climate, but one ill-suited for use in serious rains. The original seats are re-upholstered in a custom cream-colored leather, which pairs well with a wood-rimmed steering wheel and modern creature comforts like a Kenwood sound system and a push-button ignition.



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