Jaguar C-Type Continuation Revealed, Replicates ’53 Le Mans Winner


Jaguar C-Type Continuation Revealed, Replicates ’53 Le Mans Winner

When, in January, Jaguar announced that its fourth officially sanctioned Continuation would be a replica of the 1953 Le Mans–winning Jaguar C-type, the company also said it was planning to build no more than eight examples. But now that we are seeing the finished version, that total has been revised upward to “no more than 16.” So if you’ve got both the urge and pockets deep enough for the seven-figure price, don’t wait to get your name on that extended list.

Yet the chance to see the car zero prototype in the flesh at Jaguar Classic’s HQ in England also proves that the finished car is close to being too perfect. The original C-type was a thrown-together endurance racer designed to compete and then fall to pieces as it crossed the line, made from thin-gauge metal, painted with brushes, and with minimal consideration given to details like panel gaps. Park an as-delivered 1953 example next to the 2021 version, and the new car would likely win the Concours rosette.

Jaguar Classic acknowledges that the C-type Continuation is built to a standard far beyond that of the car it is copying. It has been created from a digitized CAD model of the original car, and although buyers will be able to choose color and trim, the production run will all be mechanical clones. These will be built using the same techniques as the original car, but with thicker gauge metal (“The originals dent if you lean on them,” explains Jaguar Classic boss Dan Pink), much tighter tolerances, and modern, water-based paint as well as beautifully tailored Bridge of Weir leather. For the full story, check out this article from Car And Driver.

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